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Big names blown away by 2009 red Burgundy vintage

Jeff Burch and Pascal Marchand at a gathering of the Chevaliers du Tastevin, a society of Burgundy wine lovers.

ONE of the world’s great masters of wine once said that if you were a wine zealot and that if you went to every great tasting that you could, and that if you lived wine, that then, perhaps twice a year, you might try truly outstanding wine. more »

Bird the word for A-list’s latest nest

John Ahern at his hip new Perth hotspot, The Aviary.

WHEN it comes to naming some of Perth’s hippest haunts, the bird is the word. more »

Reap what you sow rewards

A healthy cover crop at Paul Conti’s Woodvale vineyard.

IT’S no accident our vineyards continue to bear fruit decades after being planted. more »

Major league chardonnay

It’s all hands on deck at the Cullen chardonnay tasting.

FOR more than 26 consecutive years, the Cullen International chardonnay tasting has confirmed its position as one of Australia’s most enjoyable and educational wine days. more »

Perth pub chef and pretty proud of it

Byrneleigh head chef David Hegarty.

WHEN it comes to food, Perth must stop striving to be Melbourne and just be itself, according to Irish-born chef Dave Hegarty. more »

Penfolds budget reds a revelation

Penfolds chief winemaker Peter Gago.

PENFOLDS, the home of Australia’s greatest international wine brand and the maker of many of Australia’s greatest historical reds, is now consistently crafting their finest and greatest value reds ever. more »

New dish curries favour

Waiter Ty Kingwell, owner Laurie Tombides and chef Rob McKenzie at Mambos. Picture: Marcus Whisson    d366343

INNER-city foodies making the trek out to coastal locales this summer will find a different-looking Mambos in City Beach, with a revamp and new-fangled menu featuring a very untraditional dish: the humble curry. more »

Ryan inspired by Big Apple guru

Chef Ryan Larsen.  Picture: Marcus Whisson    d365900

CHARISMATIC New York chef, writer and TV celebrity Anthony Bourdain – an advocate of the value and flavour of traditional or ‘peasant’ fare – has no doubt inspired many up-and-coming chefs. more »

Superb shiraz going for a song

Galway vintage winemaker Andy La Nauze.

IN recent years, there has been a lot of international criticism of Australia’s reasonably priced red and white wine exports. more »

Cabernet key for humble Houghton

Houghton winemaker of 51 years Jack Mann set a high mark for quality.

AS it is Houghton Wines’ 175th anniversary, it is time to put into perspective the extraordinary influence that this winery’s key people and vineyards have had on many generations of the WA wine industry. more »

Perfect place for a steak-out

Chef and general manager Jean Pierre Visee with owners Tanveer Sohal and Rob Grant. Picture: Dominique Menegaldo  d365334

STEAKHOUSES aren’t typically known for sophistication, sumptuous fare and stunning views, which makes new Woodlands eatery blu grill, where rumps, sirloins and scotch fillets are menu staples, something of a rarity. more »

More Margaret River to savour

Hamelin Bay Winery director Ros Drake-Brockman with Benson.

MANY of Margaret River’s more reasonably priced chardonnays are giving the fruit quality, winemaking craftsmanship and satisfaction that are usually found in the more prestigious and expensive labels. more »

Young Cherise eager to reap rewards

Award-winning apprentice Cherise Minas says she fell in love with cooking as a little girl helping her mum. Picture: Andrew Ritchie   d365013

SELF-CONFESSED chocoholic and award-winning apprentice chef Cherise Minas enjoys the sweet life. more »

Sweet-toothed sister

Carmelle Wilkinson and her sister Kelly Sander with some of their wares.

TWO sweet-toothed sisters with a penchant for chocolate are giving the party people of Perth some sugar. more »

Modern verdelho a lean star

Deep Woods winemaker Julian Langworthy.

THIS is more modern in style and leaner, longer and more restrained than most of the west’s verdelhos. more »

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