Support this Bill

ON August 18, Federal Parliament will vote on a Bill that calls for the phasing out of the live export industry. It is my fervent hope that Hasluck MP Ken Wyatt will cast his vote in support of this very important Bill. more »

Easy solution

THE Gazette wrote about the Mundaring Truffle Festival that “fewer flocked to the festival,” citing bad weather as the cause. more »

N-bomb ended war

ROBERT Tickner (Campaign reignited, Gazette, August 6) says the face of civilisation was changed forever when a nuclear bomb almost incinerated Hiroshima. more »

Campaign reignited

THE face of civilisation was changed for ever when a nuclear bomb almost incinerated the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, instantly killing tens of thousands of people. more »

Losing doctor sad day

I DON’T understand how Toodyay can lose a doctor of Richard Walkey’s standards and professionalism. more »

Abuse uncalled for

I WAS astounded to hear from our guys working on the Great Eastern Highway in Mundaring last week that they had received verbal abuse from drivers complaining about the lane closures. more »

Owners, control dogs

DOG owners walking your animal without a leash in our many beautiful areas, please be mindful to leash your dogs when you come to the many playground areas provided for children. more »

Good doctor lost

THE saddest day for Toodyay (Gazette, July 16) was avoidable. Richard Walkey is not only a much-respected doctor, but also an active member of our community. more »

Bad example set

PRIDE in one’s work ethic and workmanship is slowly deteriorating within all areas of our society. more »

Body of choices

IN response to Roger Davenport’s letter (Death and taxes, Gazette, July 23), to eliminate any further problems with regard to Mr Davenport’s body, once dead, there are possibilities. more »

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