Support wonderful

CANCER Council Western Australia extends a huge thank you to everyone across WA who supported Daffodil Day 2011. more »

Victim is punished

FOR the past five years at primary school my granddaughter has been bullied by the same person. more »

Water is vital to all

IN reply to the letter from Martin Luke (Gazette, August 13) regarding the closure of the Chidlow water standpipe, I have been a resident of Beechina in Mundaring Shire for the past 20 years. more »

Fire findings backed

THE WA Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services Association, on behalf of its Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service members, supports the recommendations made in the Keelty Report into the Perth Hills bushfire. more »

Little ‘fair go’ for the forgotten thousands

THE forgotten workforce of thousands in the 1950s all came to build the young new Australian continent in WA and to make it grow and prosper. more »

Bully got away with it

I THANK those behind a recent very well-organised interschool sports event. more »

Many answers sought

THE public has now entered into a $300 million public private partnership to build a water treatment plant in the Mundaring Weir Forestry Settlement/DEC site. more »

Cruelty doubted

DAVE Knight (“Support this Bill”, Gazette, August 13) wants to see an end to the live animal export because of the “fate that awaits these poor animals”. more »

Respect is deserved

IN reality do not think any of us would sign up to have a disability and very few of us would raise our hand and volunteer to be “assigned” a family member with a disability. more »

People, be grateful for what we have

IT never ceases to amaze me about people. All we do is take, take, take and when the Government announced a carbon tax everybody was crying poor. more »

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