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Overheard on the Train


"I'm going to hide the piss in my camera bag!"

Oho, are you, little man? I thought, surreptitiously pressing "Pause" on my MP3 player so I could hear better. (Hey, don't judge me. Some mornings, when you're trapped on public transport with weirdos staring and body odours creeping into your nasal cavities, breakfast radio and Pimsleur's Learn Mandarin Chinese just.... more »

Privacy Isn't Free


So, a few nights ago, in an interesting lead-up to the long weekend, I received a nuisance phone call.

It was suitably pathetic, and I hung up as soon as I realised what it was, but it got me thinking about how a) having an unlisted phone number would be both awesome AND fantastic, and in fact, b) everyone should have a silent/unlisted number by default, and c) people should only have.... more »

Happy Easter (A Late Message)


Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a great long weekend.

Ah, Easter, when hospitals pray they have enough insulin supplies and chocolate manufacturers pack LESS chocolate into cardboard boxes and charge you MORE.
more »

Examples Of How I Have Wasted My Life, No. 1


I seem to have an unfortunate condition called I-can't-look-away-itis. This chronic illness manifests itself when bad movies or programs appear on TV.

One year I thought it would be a great idea to have the TV in the bedroom, but I was forced to abandon that scheme after I stayed up till 2am, night after night, mesmerised by ... more »

Fooled By The Colour Green


The other night I decided to do the right thing by my hair and bought a "natural" hair dye from a health food shop. It was in a green box and everything. Ah, sweet naïveté!

The writing on the box told me that it was full of vegetable dyes and compounds, had no ammonia or resorcinol, and contained some hydrogen peroxide and a fairy-dust sprinkling of.... more »

Schadenfreude Friday


Fruitcake Friday: The Ask Bossy Blog at has a corker of a letter today. Female friend monopolises male friend's time, ignores his girlfriend, sends him nude photos of herself, and then wonders if she broke up his relationship. Wow ... I'll.... more »

Is It That Time Already?


Last week I received a warning that the Old Boys Union (OBU) of my former high school was organising our 15 year reunion.

You know, when I was at school, I never thought I'd even live to be this age (or "that old", as I naïvely called it at the time). As they say, youth is wasted on the young.

I think our small group even agreed to meet up and throw ourselves off a cliff.... more »

Not a Christmas Pony, But Almost as Good


This truly has to be one of the greatest scientific advances of our time. Greater than whatsisname's discovery of penicillin, even.*

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ... the iGallop. It mimics the trotting movement of a horse, and helps to tone your abs and thighs by forcing you to balance and use the same muscles that you would when horse-riding. .... more »

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