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Rent Vent


Well, to pick up where I left off many months ago--life has been rather chaotic, what with part-time work, full-time study, family obligations, and other dramas. My partner and I have decided to take the big adult step of living together, and have been searching for a rental property since the middle of June.

Pickings are slim.

Actually, let me clarify that by saying,.... more »

No Place Like Home


Rejoice, for Angie has returned!

I stood on both sides of the Berlin Wall, shivered in an air raid shelter from World War II, and gasped at fireworks cascading over the Brandenburg Gate. I saw the Pergamon Altar and.... more »



Hi all,

Just a quick note to say I'm going on holiday, and that I'll be back at the end of January.

Where to? Oh, just over the pond.

I will be visiting places where people say, "Ja," and "Nein," and "Achtung!" just as I am about to walk off a precipice. (Actually, they will probably say, "Sei.... more »

A Letter to the Man in Red


Dear Santa,

The jig is up.

This week I found out about your little friend from pre-Christian Alpine times, the Krampus, a hairy incubus with fangs, horns, and one of those scary, pointy, red tongues that hangs down to his chest. Apparently the two of you used to be quite chummy, making the rounds together at night.... more »

Watching John Edward Cross Over, Part 2


There is a lot to admire about John Edward. He is an excellent public speaker and an entertaining storyteller. On stage he is charismatic, warm and charming, brimming with New York bravado and that disarming American bluntness.

But I still don't believe that he can talk to the dead.

Here is some of what I saw and heard on the night:

John Edward: "I'm getting a.... more »

My New Addiction to Craft Fairs


And I blame Made on the Left for these new-found cravings. I have now been to my first craft fair and it was simply ... delightful, surprising, buzzing, cheery, inspiring!

The montage above shows some of the stalls I visited and the people I talked to. I'll give a brief description of them, going from left to right, top to bottom so that you.... more »

Made On The Left Craft Fair This Saturday


Hello all, it's me again. What, another post from Angie, so soon? Is it Christmas already? Ho ho ho!

Alright, just ignore that lame intro and check your calenders to see if you have anything on this Saturday. And if you do, blow it off.

I'd like to throw in a little plug here for the Made On The Left Craft Fair/pre-Christmas.... more »

Watching John Edward Cross Over, Part 1


Today the serendipity fairy struck me with her wand, and she struck me hard.

My friend J (he comments regularly on this blog so you can probably guess who he is) has to leave Perth unexpectedly and can't go to John Edward's, ah, seminar, at the Perth Convention Centre, so he has given me his tickets.

more »

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