Petition for speed bumps along BIRCHWOOD AVENUE

101A Birchwood Avenue
Woodlands, WA, 6018
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We need people in our community to bring attention to the speeding traffic on Birchwood Avenue in Woodlands. We need people to petition to put speed bumps on Birchwood avenue. Children from local schools walk along these roads and local wildlife is constantly being killed by speeding cars. Every second car goes well over the speed limit on this road and it needs to be stopped! We NEED prevent more local wildlife being killed and to prevent harm to the local children. So please contact the Stirling council and express your concern, to push them into doing the right thing and slowing cars down on Birchwood Avenue in Woodlands! We need to protect our children and wildlife in our local community. Please help us by contacting the number below: Councillor Elizabeth Re JP Telephone: 9446 7136 Mobile: 0419 913 988 or Councillor Stephanie Proud Telephone: 9446 6929 Mobile: 0411 070 793 Thankyou.

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